Hunters Education

The Ontario Hunter Education Program will assist you to understand the natural world and become a knowledgeable and responsible hunter.

Firearm Certification

A licence is your authorization to possess and register a firearm and to obtain ammunition. Your licence must be kept current for as long as you possess firearms in Canada. 


An Outdoors Card is a wallet-sized identification card issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry that allows you to hunt or fish. You are required to carry this card with you at all times while hunting or fishing.



We carry a wide variety of firearms, from hunting rifles and related accessories, handguns and tactical firearms to competitive shooting firearms, we carry it all. In addition to firearms, we are stocked with a variety of ammunitions, whether you’re aiming for an elk, a varmint, or a target.

Lures & Bait

We can supply you with lures for any species in a variety of water conditions, from fast-­moving rivers to small ponds. Our bait is full-service from wigglers to wax worms.